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Betsy LeBard
Mesa, Arizona
List Owner
Unitic On-line
Unity Minister -to be
     I don't get a lot of people asking who I am.  I get a lot of fix this, fix that...but questions as to my identity--were never really an issue.  So, I will attempt-- here andnow-- to tell you some stuff about me.  For one, I am 23, making me the youngest person on the list.  Oh joy-- the on-line generation gap!  I am recently divorced, and in the midst of moving out of Arizona, but not sure where to as of yet... either Northern California or Kansas City.  When I grow up, I want to be a Unity Minister.  I spend hours and hours of time on the net, working on my website, Unitics On-line, as well as helping Unitics who are On-line-- with their websites, computers, or just sometimes-- answering calls for advice and prayer.  It's a joy. 

    I used to have a personal home page, that was more of an advertisement-- for people to hire me as a webmaster, but for some reason, tripod (the server I like the most, that is free) took it off....I'm not quite sure as to why even. It wasn't that big of a loss, I no longer needed that page anyway.   Since then, I have considered maknig a personal homepage, but really haven't had the time.  

     My hobbies?  Well-- the internet is definately one of those.  And going to, or planning spiritual retreats.  Unity is definately a big hobby as well.   I am really into spiritual things, spiritual energy, spiritual young people, spiritual books...etc 

     Right now, I am in between jobs, which is quite challenging, but God is my source, and I'm basically always ok, I have everything I need, and then some.  I am very lucky.

     For some of you that are curious, I did grow up in Unity.  It was the first church I remember, even though, when I was in Junior High and High School, I did go visit a lot of other churches, just so that-- when they said "Original Sin"  I wouldn't be confused as to what they meant.  So, some people call people like myself "Unity Brats"....but I was always a perfect child (just as my Mother, who would laugh if she heard that).  

     As far as the Singles eMail group goes-- I have been amazed at just how much eMail gets sent out.  A lot of people know that-- I am on all of the Unity eMail groups...and this eMail group has more than all of the combinded.  It's quite amazing.  It's weird, I set up the group, but the group has done basically everything else it self...espically Marion.  That woman works hard every single day on this group, but she's so happy with it, it is nice to be apart of her joy.  Also, nice to see it grow and evolve.   I am blessed every day to be apart of it, even if I don't post too much!  I do think about everything I get, and laugh with it, and cry with it.  So I am still there, energy wise, just not always posting!

Quotes I Like:
"And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a  bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." --Anais Nin

"If I kissed you softly as a cloud,
traveled over you as slowly as  mist, 
and entered you as gentle as a fog, would I be as welcome as rain?"  -Unknown

There is no reality
There is only perception- Unknown

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