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Mastermind Members
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Answered Prayer
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Order the Journal Online
Order the Journal Online
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Changing Lives
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Welcome to
The Mastermind E-mail group!

These special email groups are changing many peoples lives everyday.  This is through the power of connected prayer and directed prayer, as taught through the Mastermind Principle. 
Right now we have the largest Mastermind Group, and many smaller groups.  If you are interested in seeing real change in your life right now, we urge you to join us.

Our website has plenty of information for group members and potential group members.  Welcome to our site and blessings to you!

both invisible
and visible
One Presence,
One Mind,
One Power
is all.
The One that is all
is Perfect Life,
Perfect Love,
and Perfect Substance.
I am
an individualized expression
of God.
I am ever one with
this Perfect Life,
Perfect Love,
and Perfect Substance.
(from:The Mastermind Flyer from Church of Today)
Join Us Today!

We are honored that you want to be apart of our group.  You can join our group 2 different ways.
1. At our Egroups website This also has our archive records on them.


2. By sending a blank email to Egroups.
How do you do Mastermind....
over email?

It's quite simple-- and a bit different from Masterminding in person.  In person, you have one group leader who leads the group through the prayer process.  Over email, that part is taken care of by an automated email of the 8 step prayer process that we get sent out once a week, usually on Sunday.  Then you pray over the prayer process (the 8 steps)  by yourself (yet feeling connected to the group).  After you do that, you respond to the requests of others (people who are also on this email group, getting the main prayer, will send out their requests).  You lovingly affirm their request by responding to it.  After you do that, you send in your prayer request for the Mastermind to the email group. 
If you have more questions, check out our FAQ!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Church of Today or Jack Boland. 
We are an independent group studying Mastermind via email. To contact us via email send an email to