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Coming SOON!
A Next Generation Of Unity Website including information about an international event!
A Symposium of Young Adult Leaders are gathering in Chapel Hill, North Carolina next February to discuss the future of the Young Adult movement within Unity.  Be apart of this historic event!

Brief Details

Where?  Unity Center Of Peace
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

When?  February 9-11, 2001

How much? $65 before January 26, 2001

When will information be available on this site?  Very Soon!  To be made aware of this information, please join the Next Generation Of Unity email group, or email

What will we be doing at this event?  Talking about the future of Unity, Taking a class on Sacred Sexuality, connecting more fully with each other -- as young adult peers.

Can I help plan this event? Sure!  We'd love to have your assistance!  Email if you are interested in helping orchestrate this event.

Where can I find other members of the Next Generation Of Unity on the internet?  By joining the email group, or going to the Yahoo! Club.

Is Next Generation Of Unity the new name for YAU (Young Adults Of Unity)?  Yes!  This decision was made officially at the Association Of Unity Churches quite some time ago.  Feel free to email Pat Anderson-Williams (the Next Generation Of Unity Churches coordinator) at the Association Of Unity Churches for more information regarding this change.

What about the old YAU (Young Adults Of Unity) web page?  We are in the process of getting that taken down.  A new series of pages will reside at this site, as the information on that site is outdated.

Who are the leaders of the Young Adult Movement?  We are looking for people who truly want to make a difference in the future of the Young Adults who are in Unity.  This is typically people ages 18 to 28, however we definitely do not want to limit any amount of experience.  We are looking for all parts of the Unity experience as a Young Adult-- so that we can have this contrast to give us a more accurate picture of the young adult experience.

God Bless You and Come Back Soon!