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What does Unity mean to you?
What is your vision for Unity in the next 10 years as we enter the year 2000?

The Purpose of this project is to serve as a couple of functions.

1. As a youth delegate, I was instructed to bring something that signified the meaning of Unity.

This is my meaning of Unity-- I carry a vision of Unity that is grander that what currently exists.  I feel like I represent quite a few people in Unity, because I run Unitics On-line, and know all about the on-line goings on of Unity on the internet.  To me, Unity -- is forever changing, but the meaning is always the same- the people.  We will forever change and co create based solely upon our congregation.

2. Your voice and your vision can be heard.

I think it's important that we recognize and realize that-- we are all apart of the vision of Unity, whether or not we actually ever say anything.  I think it's important that we as a collective- speak our intentions clearly, and make our voices heard.

3.  To prove that Unity on the internet is a very real and very important thing in our future.

I believe that Unity on-line grows and grows everyday because of the fact that people want more.  People want to be able to see something positive and wonderous on the internet.

The purpose of this project
Enter in your Vision for Unity 2010
Read The Visions Being Carried
What is the Future Search Conference?
Love Offerings to Carrying the Vision
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Prayer for the Future Search Conference:
God's Wisdom guides us,
God's love expresses through us,
as we co-create a future filled with blessings.

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