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Join us for
Fun At The Farm!

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Stuff to Pack

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An International Unity Singles of the Internet Get Together!
Stuff to Pack

a weekend's worth of clothing
______ socks
______ undies
______ comfortable shoes you don't mind getting dirty
______ pajamas
______ towels
______ swimsuit (if you want to swim)
______ church clothes (casual dress)

______ Shampoo
______ Conditioner
______ Make-Up (if needed)
______ Razors and Shaving Cream
______ Toothbrush and Toothpaste
______ Soap
______ Hairdryer (if needed)
______ Toilet Paper
______ Whatever else you put on your hair or body (gel, cologne, etc.)

______ Spiritual books to share and discuss
______ Any item with spiritual significance that you want to share
______ Mediation tapes
______ Candles
______ A heart ready to be loved
______ Any items you may need for your workshop.. if you are doing one

______ Bug Spray
______ B.Y.O.B. (if you desire)
______ Camera and Film
______ Pillows, Blankets, Tents, and any camping gear you need
______ Music you want to listen to
______ Walkman (if you desire)
______ Pen and Paper
We've had Unity Internet Singles interested in our event!