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VD Warm Fuzzies for your SOUL
Judy  Jay Egui Tracy Dave Jen
To My Team
Pat's fuzzies sent separately

You are the light in my life, so often, you rock my world.
You are such beauty and joy.
I love you with all of my heart.
You are such a special light to me.
You inspire me and motivate me in a way I have never exprienced.
I love you completely.
I adore you always and all ways.

You've shown me a new kind of faith
for this I am grateful.  For you listening to your heart
has taught me many things.  I am so proud to call you my team member,
and to learn that really all people ARE ONE.
What a gift you are!
I love you!

My love,
on this day, I send you yet another ecard, to show my love for you.
Your prescence on this team makes me smile everyday.
I love working with you.
I love your beautiful knowing.  You rock my world.
I love you!

You are truly in my heart, and the heart of the team.
It was so exciting this last weekend to see your light shine.
You are so fun to work with-- and I adore you.  I love what you bring with you.
Your energy is so focused and divine.
I adore thee with a great love.
I love you!


Wow, your passion and work is amazing.
You have such vision that I could listento you talk all day long.
Thank you for voice, your wisdom, and your exprience.
I am so glad you have the passion and sensitivity that you do, it is our gift.
I love you greatly, and the gift you bring into my life as a teacher is great.


You are so wonderful and have a beautiful gift.
I love you with all of my heart.  You articulate things with this zest
that I would swim in, if I could.  It's so beautiful.  Thank you for being
who you are, and showing us more reasons that NGU is to be a success - through
your own consciousness.

You bless me daily.

With great love,

To My Team
We are One, Mind, One body One Heart
As God works through us, we are all one heart beat.
You inspire me.
You motivate me in so many ways.
You show me love.
You are divine.

I love you!