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of Young Adult Leaders In Unity
"Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -- Margret Mead
What is this Symposium about?

This symposium is about gathering as many Young Adults from various expriences within the Unity Movement to make a difference.  This is about letting our ideas truly change the way our world is.  We are poowerful divine beings and we can come together and truly make changes within the movement as we are the Future of it.

What is 
Next Generation Of Unity?

This is the Young Adult Members of our church usually ages 18 to 28 (but we are willing to allow others!).  This is the group formerly known as YAU or Young Adults Of Unity.  The name was changed at the Assocation Of Unity Churches and is now the official name for this group.  Join us to mark this historic event!

Where can I connect with members of NGU now?

You can connect with them via the Next Generation Of Unity Email Group.  We welcome you and are overjoyed to have you!

You are a blessing!
Symposium at a Glance

Dates: Febuary 9-11, 2001
Registration Fee: $65
Where? Unity Center Of Peace
Chapel Hill, NC
Who can go? Young Adults currently or previously in Unity

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