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of Young Adult Leaders In Unity
"Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -- Margret Mead
Welcome to the most exciting information in the Young Adult Movement in Unity in over 30 years!

We are getting together for a ground breaking event, and we are inviting all of the Young Adults in the Unity Movement to participate. 

It is Time.  Itís our time.  This symposium will bring us all together for a weekend and connect our collective islands of Unity.  We are more than just Young Adults... we are people that will shape and grow the Unity movement.  We are truly the Next Generation Of Unity. 

This weekend is designed to gather us together in the true spirit of Unity for one weekend to bring together the Young Adults who are leading their part of the movement in their own world, and to bring them together and bind us in the spirit of Unity for the posterity of our movement. 

Please join us...
Let your voice be heard!
We are the Next Generation and as such it is time that we step up to the plate and make things happen.  We have so many options and things that we can be doing within the Unity movement.  We are beautiful singers, but collectively we are One voice.  As we draw together in this Symposium environment we are truly able to connect our voices and sing a song of harmony throughout our world.  We are powerful spiritual beings.  We are divine in creation.  We know that this power of creation has the power not only to change our lives, but the entire Unity movement.  This weekend will change our lives and has the potential to change the Unity movement itself.  Please join us!

Who can go?

You are the right person to go if you are a Young Adult (in theory ages 18 to 28; however, we are open to other ages) and you are in some way, or have been, involved with Unity.  We are looking for the full gamut of Unity participation, from new-to-Unity to old timers.  We are looking for those who desire to step up and really make things happen.  We really are looking for each and every part of the Unity Young Adult experience and encourage you to come and be apart of this historic event.   Because Young Adults are just starting out in their prosperity, we encourage you to consult your church to see if they would sponsor you to be a delegate at this event.

The Mission

To gather Young Adult Leaders in Unity together  to discuss the Future (personally, spiritually, collectively) of the Unity Movement.  We are trying to focus on ways to make the Unity Movement better for our generation and future generations of Young Adults

The Plan

We will be getting together at Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for a weekend to do this.  We will be discussing future events and ways we can impact our movement to truly change and shape things.  We will also have a variety of spiritual experiences including Reverend           Alec Evason will do will a series of workshops on Sacred Sexuality.  We will be graciously hosted for at Unity Center Of Peace, as with a team of   volunteers to pick up people from the airport, serve  meals, and assist us, if necessary, with lodging in individual homes. 

The Details

This weekend includes all meals (from dinner on Friday through lunch on Sunday), accommodations at the church, airport transportation, and,  of course. .. all of the fun and workshops.  Registration fees are $65 before January 26, 2001 and $75 after that. 

Registration begins at noon on Friday, February 9, 2000 through 6:00 pm, so please schedule your arrival within these times.  We will have a closing  circle after lunch on Sunday; however, there is an optional workshop Sunday afternoon until 6:00 pm.  Again, keep this in mind as you plan your             departure time.


Please send your registration in as soon as possible so that you can be counted!  Looking forward to seeing you at  this amazing Symposium!

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