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Frequently Asked Questions
General Mastermind Questions
General Mastermind Egroups Questions

General Mastermind Questions

What is Mastermind?
Mastermind is an 8 step prayer process.  For the 8 steps that we use, check out this text file.   A mastermind group is founded on trust.  It is also founded on the idea of believing something for someone else is more powerful than believing it just by yourself.  A mastermind group allows you to pray with other people who are believing things for you that you may not be able to believe for yourself.

Who created Mastermind?
Initially it was created by Jack Boland, former minister of Church of Today.   He was into the 12 Steps at the time, and this was a prayer process that he created.

Where can I find out more about Mastermind?
The Church of Today has information.  Also check out our online pamplet-- it's a printable pamplet that has information more about in person groups, but it explains the general concept.

Where can I find an in person group?
Check the Association Of Unity Churches for information about a church near you.  Some Unity churches do have Mastermind Groups.  Or you can start your own group.

General Mastermind Egroups Questions

How do you do a Mastermind group over email?
It's quite simple-- and a bit different from Masterminding in person.  In person, you have one group leader who leads the group through the prayer process.  Over email, that part is taken care of by an automated email of the 8 step prayer process that we get sent out once a week, usually on Sunday.  Then you pray over the prayer process (the 8 steps)  by yourself (yet feeling connected to the group).  After you do that, you respond to the requests of others (people who are also on this email group, getting the main prayer, will send out their requests).  You lovingly affirm their request by responding to it.  After you do that, you send in your prayer request for the Mastermind to the email group. 

How do I get into a small group?
There is a new process.  It is totally outlined on the Subscriptions Page.

How should I word my responses to prayer requests?
The "greatest" response obviously-- is one from your heart.  But putting that into words can be tricky.   The best way is to say it back to them in a similar and more affirmative and believing way.  
My request this week is to be given a car.

Your response:
I see you this week being given a car.

That's a very basic one, but the idea is not to give advice or tell them what they want, the idea is to support them in THEIR belief.  Keep that in mind when writing prayer requests.  Going into details is good as well, if you have time.  

What guidelines do you have for these groups?
1. One prayer request a week if you are in the large group.  If you are in the small group and your group decides to have more than one request per week that is fine.  The only exception to this is Emergency Prayer Requests.  
2. No spam to the main group.  It gets enough email as it is.
3. Please limit talk back to off the list.  
4. If you are on the list, and aren't participating for more than 2 weeks, and have let no one know of your whereabouts- we will email you and see if you are interested in staying.  If you aren't, please let us know.  If we don't hear from you within a week, we will take you off of our list.  Because of the nature of this group, people feel uncomfortable with "lurkers" on the group.
5. Have fun!

Can I volunteer on these egroups?
Yes!  For each small group and the main group we are looking for moderators and assistants.  Please email the List Owner for more information.

Who runs these egroups?
I'm Betsy LeBard Giraud (I'm on the Mastermind Members Section) and I run Unitics On-line and a lot of other email groups, bulletin boards and websites.   I am always looking for feedback on this group, and any information that you think can help me make good decisions regarding it.
Email me at:

I've recieved spiritual food here- where can I send my tithe?
Thank you for your gifts!  This is a ministry of service and your blessings to this ministry come back to you ten fold.  Email for an address.

I have a question that isn't covered here... what do I do?
Email the question over, and maybe it will get listed here!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Church of Today or Jack Boland. 
We are an independent group studying Mastermind via email. To contact us via email send an email to