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Mastermind Members
Mastermind Members
(Get to know your partners)

(including large and small groups)

Frequently Asked Questions
(all kinds of information!)

Answered Prayer
Answered Prayer
(of our members)

(to great sites!)

Order the Journal Online
Order the Journal Online
(from Church of Today)

Mastermind Egroups
Changing Lives
Experiencing our divinity
Living our Truth
One email address at a time

Mastermind Links
The Main E-mail Group
This is the egroup for this website.  Or vice versa.

The Flyer at Egroups
This is a wonderful printable flyer at Egroups that gives you a ton of information about mastermind.

Unity Links

Church of Today
This is the church that housed Jack Boland, founder of the Mastermind Prayer System.

Unitics On-line
This is the Unity website that sponsors this Egroup.

Unity World Headquarters
This is Unity Village, Daily Word, and a ton of other Unity blessings.

Association Of Unity Churches
These angels bless our movement with organization and vision.

Church of Today Bulletin Board
A bulletin board that also has information about Mastermind.

Prayer Links

Silent Unity
24 hour prayer support!

World Prayer Network
A prayer network for the world...

A wonderful prayer site where you can pray with people and be prayed for.

Prayer Union
Another Unity Email group for prayer.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Church of Today or Jack Boland. 
We are an independent group studying Mastermind via email. To contact us via email send an email to