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Uni-kids and Parents
Children are our Future
Here are some safe and spiritual sites for kids, parents and Sunday School teachers.

Parents of Uni-Kids
Baby Center
A Great Resource for those pregnant with newborns or small children

Info about Internet Content Filters
These are things that will block out certain sites for the kids! Info about Parenting
Some great topics about parenting-- funny!

The Wonderwise Parent
A wonderful wise site with great information about parenting

Sunday School Teachers Uni-Kids Stuff
A Children's Meditation
A great meditation written by and for children

Circle of Friends
This has some great activities to do with kids

Cranes for Peace
A wonderful project that can have your kids making cranes for peace

The Cyber Camp Craft Cabin
This has great crafts to do with kids of different ages

Kids Space
Lots fun Activiies to do with Kids!

Highlights Teacher Net
A great resource for Teachers- free lessons and stickers

Study Web
A wonderful resource with links to 1000s of sites that can assist you

Mad Scientist Network
Tons of fun activities to do with the kids-- that are science and fun related!

Internet Fun for Uni-Kids
Ask Mr. Universe
A wise cat that can tell you many answers to your questions about the Universe

Bugs Bunny
An awesome site all about Bugs Bunny!

Circle of Friends
Tons of activities; crossword puzzles and coloring with kids from all around the world!

Cranes for Peace
Make Origami Cranes for Peace

Cyber Camp
Go to Summer Camp On-line! It's great fun!

Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Translate your name into Egyptian Hierglyphs 

Gap Kids 
Play lots of fun games and also put clothes on kids!

Hands on Children's Museum
A place to learn and really have fun and it's a MUSEUM FOR KIDS!

Homework Help
Having Homework problems?  Go here to get some help!

Kids Space
TONS AND TONS of stuff to do!  Meet other kids, play games and have fun here!

Louisiana Children's Museum
A wonderful place with many things for you to learn and have fun doing!

Mad Scientist Network
Make lots of fun and sometimes gross stuff all in the name of science!
LOTS of Muppets Stuff!

Study Web
Get help with homework or just learn something here!

Willy Wonka Candy Factory
Sorta like the book, except it's on-line!

A great place to find neato stuff for kids!

Related Sites On Unitics On-line
Youth of Unity
A listing of all of the Y.O.U. groups on-line as well as information on how to connect with YOUers.
Uniteens E-mail group
Join this eMail group with other Uniteens and interested parties
Youth of Unity E-mail group
Join this eMail group with other YOUers and interested parties

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