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Welcome to the Adults Of Unity Website!
This website serves our community.  We have a ton of information here to serve you.  Whether you are curious about our organization, local chapters, starting a local chapter, we have that information here.  We also have information about the Dream Team, as well as a gallery of photos.  We have inofrmation about regional events, as well as our world famous Conference--coming this 2001.  You can shop here and serve AOU, through our bookstore, our AOU store, or just send us a tithe
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Welcome and Blessings to you!
Join us for...
...Celebrating Our Oneness!"
The 34th annual AOU Conference

 This summer on June 30 - July 6, 2001 at the heart of Unity- Unity Village Missouri, we'll be getting together for our next amazing conference.  Our speakers this year will be Barry and Joyce Vissell, and our musicians will be Karl and Jeanne Anthony. 

For more information, or to register on-line, see our conference page.

Our Mission Statement

We, the Adults of Unity are spiritually focused individuals who come together to celebrate and experience love, unity, joy and friendship. 

Together we create opportunities for spiritual enrichment through social, recreational, service  and personal growth activities.

Prayer, contemplation and reflection are vital in all we do.

Find out more about who we are!